Wrocław City Stadium


3rd March 2017


By inviting you to the 3rd edition of WROC# we’re offering you an opportunity to not only develop yourself, but also to support others in their development. How? To participate in the conference this time you need to get a ticket of 150 PLN via biletprosze.pl. The whole sum collected from the sale will go to 3 local non-governmental organizations that efficiently solve local community problems. WROC# will develop you and you can develop: environment (Stowarzyszenie Natura I Człowiek), children from foster care (Fundacja Przystanek Rodzina) and impaired adults (Fundacja L’Arche). We’re proud and happy to announce that our great collaborator: biletprosze.pl, a portal that’s administrating the tickets selling process, has decided to join us in doing the right thing and donate its commission to these NGOs as well. Together we can do more!


Tickets sold out! Thanks for your big interest!


Steve Sanderson

Shawn Wildermuth

Tess Ferrandez

Frans Rosén

Chris Klug

Maarten Balliauw


Opening session
Coffee break
Coffee break
Lunch break

Coffee break

Coffee break
Coffee break
After Party



WROC# conference is a really unique opportunity for industry specialists, .NET enthusiasts, and all thirsty for knowledge to see well-known and respected experts. Our goal is unchangeable – we want to bring together bright minds and give inspiring talks that are focused on subjects and issues close to the .NET web developer’s heart. Come and hear what world-class keynote speakers are saying. By attending, you’ll develop your knowledge and you will get an opportunity to share your experience with the IT community.

last year edition photo

This year we’re preparing the 3rd edition of the event. In the two last years, every time WROC# conference brought 450 people to Wroclaw. Each of our conferences consisted of 60-minute talks on various aspects of programming. We had the pleasure of hearing outstanding speakers – Dan North, Chris Klug, Julie Lerman, Matt Ellis, Ian Cooper and Mark Rendle etc. The WROC# agenda is always full of diversity – Angular, Entity Framework, Asp.NET are just few of them. It’s a tradition that after the fruitful presentations, we always invite our guests to take part in the party full of delicious meals, WROC# beer and fun.

Don’t miss the event this year and spend a day full of knowledge with us! If Chris Heilmann said: “As you know, I cover a lot of events and have so for several years. (…) WROC# was outstanding in every aspect” do we need to convince you any more ?The only thing you should do now is to be alert and wait for registration! Be alert all the time – the tickets for our last edition disappeared in a… second! We hope to see you there, so make sure you don’t miss out our event updates on Twitter and Facebook.


Watch what we did last year!

Did you miss our last events? Don’t worry. We’ve prepared some materials for you. Watch it and expect more on 3rd March 2017!


The Stadium is located in the north-western part of Wrocław at al. Śląska (Pilczyce). The distance from the centre is less than 9 km.

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